City Build Trade # invest in construction industry

City Build Trade # invest in construction industry

Conditions and characteristics of work

  • Project Address:
  • Started: 24/02/2014
  • Language: English
  • Yield: 2% for 7 days # 104% Net Annual Return
  • Affiliate Program: 2%
  • Minimum deposit: $1
  • Minimum withdraw: $0.1
  • Payment type: Manual (up to 48 hours on weekdays)
  • Payment systems: Payeer, Perfect Money

Personal opinion about the project

City Build Trade is a top-notch guerrilla who has been working since 2014. City Build Trade has all the features of a typical partisan: it accepts only Perfect Money, has low interest on the deposit and a simple design. I am glad that the life of a single tariff plan of the platform is only a week. Such a project cannot take such a simple shut down: there must be something big! In general, we look further and hope for the best 🙂




  • Balanced marketing
  • Long partisanship
  • Time proven reliability
  • Smooth development


  • Small interest on the deposit
  • Only one plan
Design and content
Marketing and affiliate
Convenience in work
Hosting, protection, ssl
Contacts and social. network

What does City Buil Trade do?

City Buil Trade is an interesting low-income project that the administration claims is engaged in urban construction. The project started in the distant 2014 year. At the moment, City Build Trade is at the partisan stage: without design and active advertising company, but honestly fulfills all its obligations to investors.

According to the information from the site

About City Build Trade

CityBuildTrade is a recognized leader in the construction industry. Our unrivaled experience has brought us the largest projects we have ever had. The CBT portfolio includes dozens of completed projects, several collaborations and nine international facilities. Today everyone has a chance to build their capital by investing in our business. Together we can build a new future:

How much can you earn?

The project marketing offers one tariff plan, according to which the investor receives 2% profit for 7 days. This investment proposal is quite low profitable, but if we take into account the huge duration of the project, we can conclude that investors who had time to consider the benefits of the project have already received a huge plus. Also do not forget about ref bonus in the amount of 2% of your contribution!

What is the minimum amount to withdraw and when can I get it?

You can withdraw money by accumulating a minimum of $0.1. Payments are made in the manual mode, but the rules set up in the FAQ are up to 12 business hours.

  • 102% after 7 days

    Minimum deposit amount – $1
    Term of the deposit – 7 days, the accrual of the deposit and interest on it at the end of the term
    Yield – 2% net for the entire period.

How much can you earn?

Earnings on attracting investors

The site has a one-tier affiliate program 2% of the sum of the partners’ contributions, it is not necessary to have a personal contribution. To promote your referral link you can use any means of advertising banners, posts on social networks, posting articles on your own sites, etc.