Mintos # P2P investment platform brings 12% profitability

Mintos # P2P investment platform brings 12% profitability

Conditions and characteristics of work

  • Project Address:
  • Started: 2015
  • Platform: Latvia
  • Yield: 12% average net annual returns
  • Exit investment: Fast - a very liquid secondary market
  • Automatic investing: Yes. Automatic with many settings
  • Time management: Minimum depending on the strategy chosen
  • Investor experience: Some experience is needed
  • Bonuses: 1% of the invested amount in the first 90 days
  • Payment systems: Trustly, Bank Transfer, Transferwise
+ 1%

Personal opinion about the project

The best in Europe, Mintos P2P investing platform brings nearly 12% average annual return. More than 150,000 investors have invested over € 1 billion in Mintos! The platform offers a wide variety of different types of loans from 24 countries and 50 originators. This provides great opportunities for investment diversification and precise risk management. In my opinion, Mintos is the best P2P lending platform in Europe, offering the best investment environment right now.




  • Auto Invest
  • Buyback Guarentee
  • Secondary Market
  • Multi Currencies


  • None

Large selection of loans

Mintos offers a huge selection of originals, types of credits, countries and currencies. You can invest in secured and unsecured loans. There are both consumer and business loans, financing of invoices (factoring) and car loans. A very detailed description of each loan is provided.

There are numerous options by which you can filter the huge amount of credits available. Since the filtering parameters are very much provided, you can store already created filters for use . When you like a filter, you can directly create your own auto-investment strategy from it.

Investing in loans in different currencies

You can also invest in 9 different currencies. Mintos allows exchanges from one currency to another within the P2P platform itself. This way, you do not have to charge your investor account with separate transfers for different currencies to invest in P2P credits in another currency, such as Iuvo, for example. If you plan to invest in non-euro loans, this is a great convenience. Currency exchange in Mintos is done immediately with the average exchange rate currently, adding a fee. In a spirit of complete transparency, Mintos clearly states it and includes it in the amount it displays on the screen. My recommendation is not to be fooled by the higher yields on some exotic currencies. There is a currency risk that can increase the yield but also eat it to the full. Unless currency speculation is in your blood and you are steadily earning Forex, I recommend limiting yourself to investing in euro loans.

Active secondary market

The secondary market of Mintos is very liquid and there are no fees. Mintos statistics show that 30% of investors are active in the aftermarket. In most cases, there are more loans on the secondary market than the primary market (135,000 versus 104,000 at the moment). The volume of the aftermarket is huge. In August 2018 alone, over 1 million deals were concluded on the secondary market with a total value of over EUR 11 million. This is great news as the aftermarket is the fastest way to get out of your investment early if you need to.

The aftermarket filters are the same as the primary filters. The only difference is that instead of the interest rate on the loan, the main parameter here is Yield to maturity. This is actually the most important parameter of a secondary market loan. Mintos Secondary Market gives experienced investors additional profitability opportunities that we will look at in separate material.

Detailed information and rating of the originals

Mintos is extremely detailed and objective financial information for originators of loans. This is very important because in P2P lending, the buyback guarantee is really just a promise from the originator. Only objective and detailed financial status information can allow investors to judge how well an original is able to fulfill it.

The financial condition of the originator is important not only because of the redemption guarantee, but also because it genuinely serves the loans you have purchased from it. It is up to the borrowers to pay their installments to get your share into your investor account. Possible bankruptcy of the originator could create problems. For some time, you may not receive the money invested in his loans.

The reliability and financial health of each originator are crucial to properly identifying risk when building an individual investment strategy. It can only be judged on the basis of detailed information. Mintos has a special section that provides it for each originator, in several levels of detail. I will look at it in detail in a separate article, and now I will focus mainly on rating.

Full transparency of the platform

One of the most important things in finance is trust and the best way to achieve it is complete transparency. In this respect, Mintos is unsurpassed. In addition to complete and detailed credit and originator information, the platform provides a wealth of statistics that are useful and detailed.

The statistics are dynamic and it is possible to teach different sections of data. You can go into detail to do analysis if you wish.

Mintos also provide detailed information about themselves. Their financial statements have been published for all three financial years 2015, 2016 and 2017 and have been audited by Earnst & Young.

No investor fees

Mintos has absolutely no investor fees. Most P2P platforms have aftermarket sales fees. This makes it difficult and expensive to exit the investment before the maturity of the purchased loans. This is not the case with Mintos. There is also no fee for withdrawing money, which is also common on many platforms.

The only fee that Mintos has is for currency exchange within the platform. It is not fixed but depends on the particular currency. It varies from 0.5% for major currencies to 2% for exotic ones (like Georgian lari for example). Very few platforms offer such a service at all, and currency exchange is always billed in one form or another.