What is this blog for? For reasonable investments

In this blog, we will focus on a technological innovation that has the potential to revolutionize finance so called shared P2P lending (Peer2Peer lending). For borrowers, P2P lending is an alternative to bank loans, and for investors, bank deposits. It is important that with P2P, both parties receive more favorable terms. This is possible because of the high operating costs of the banks, their inefficiency and the imposition of multiple fees.

Investing in P2P platforms

In this blog, we will look at P2P lending as investors who want to get a good return on savings, with minimal risk. We will look at different P2P investing platforms and investment products that require different time to manage money and offer different returns and risk. I will focus mainly on platforms that I personally use and know well. I will share the investment strategies I use for different P2P platforms. We will monitor trends, innovations, financial markets and adjust strategies when needed. I hope this blog helps you get started using P2P platforms so you can manage your money independently and successfully. Some of them offer the possibility of completely passive investment of money without requiring special preparation and subsequent management, of course this is at the expense of the lower profitability. Others offer exceptionally good potential returns, but they require a carefully selected investment strategy to realize it and effective risk management.

Fintech – IT revolution in finance

Fintech is overturning the financial services market by democratizing it. This revolution began about 10 years ago and is currently gaining momentum. Next-generation financial services are much cheaper, faster, and more user-friendly. For a person like me who loves IT and finance, merging with Fintech is like a dream come true. I use the services of many fintech companies and can’t wait to share my impressions. This is not just about P2P credit investing. Fintech companies also offer services for international payments, stock trading, gold and even full banking services. And the best part is that most of them are free and affordable from all. Thanks for the support and I hope to be really helpful!

Is there a risk? There is

There is always a risk in investing. Absolutely always! If someone tells you something else – he either doesn’t understand or just lies to you. I will try to identify for each P2P platform the main risks that I have noticed and will share the possible measures to reduce them.

I am not an investment adviser. I probably could, but I don’t find the point. I have no right to give individual investment advice. And I don’t think so. I’ll just share my opinion, and you have to decide for yourself whether an investment is worth the risk and is right for you. You will have sole responsibility for this. Profit or loss depends solely on you. We will not share them in any form.

How is this blog maintained? With passion!

But as usual, it’s also about money. I hold full transparency. This blog is an endeavor that is unlikely to make me much richer, but I expect it to at least cover the cost and time to maintain it. Therefore, there may be different sources. Revenue from online advertising or affiliate programs.

You will find only objective reviews of the platforms that I use myself. There will be no paid analyzes and reviews, Trust in finance is extremely important, and my morale does not allow me to recommend something that is not good or I do not use for a small fee. I will try to make clear, for each review, whether the links to the respective platform are from a affiliate program and what is your benefit from it. There is usually one. Signing up with a affiliate does not cost you anything. In most cases, it gives you some kind of bonus and for me it is a reward for my efforts to maintain this blog.

Thanks for the support and I hope to be really helpful!